GRUSSMAN – Professional jaw crushers

About GRUSSMAN jaw crushers

Grussman jaw crushers are used for crushing a medium and high hardness materials such as: granite, basalt, quartz, glass, limestone, sandstone, etc. They can be applied also for crushing concrete and brick rubble. Reinforced concrete is acceptable for crushing unless the steel rods inside the concrete are supplied into crusher inlet parallel to crushing jaws.


About company

We are a construction company specializing in building Grussman jaw crushers.

At present we offer three sizes of jaw crushers – Grussman 250×400, Grussman 400×600 and Grussman 500×750.

We supply our crushers fixed on steel frames with control boxes or crusher body frames with active jaw alone according to customer needs.

Grussman jaw crushers have 12 months producer guarantee with extention ability up to 36 months.



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