Cookie info

The entity posting on the site information in the form of cookies (cookies) on the device User (PC, laptop) is a group company Eko-Projekt Sp. O.o., headquartered in Wloclawek, 87-800, ul. Crane 5 H, which also has access to this data.

Through service cookies they may also be published by entities cooperating with the service, eg. Advertising agencies, advertisers, service companies and other statistical systems.

Cookies are text files that are stored on the device end-user service. They contain the domain name website from which they originate, their storage time on the terminal device and a unique number. There used to identify the user and based on them is not determined the identity of the user.

Browsers default store cookies on the user devices. The user can always make changes to browser settings regarding “cookies”, eg., So that the browser has blocked the automatic handling of cookies or notify you each time a cookie zamieszczanym. Each of the browsers in detail informed about how to use cookies.

Cookies are posted on the site in order to adjust the content of the service to the needs of the user, creating audience statistics, advertising, maintenance sessions, and provide other services.

Types of cookies, which are published by the service:

  • Necessary – allow the use of the services provided by the service, for example. authenticate cookies
  • Security – enable it to ensure safe use of the service, eg. are used to detect fraud in the field of authentication,
  • Performance – allow the collection of information on how to use our website,
  • Functional – allow storing user settings and personalization of user interface,
  • Advertisement – allow users deliver more advertising content tailored to their interests,
  • statistics – for the counting statistics of the site’s pages.

Blocking cookies placed by service may affect some of the services in their support services.