Jaw crushers

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Grussman jaw crushers parameters.

No. Parameter Unit GRUSSMAN jaw crushers
Type 250×400 Type 400×600 Type 500×750
1 Feed inlet size mm 250×400 400×600 500×750
2 Max feed size mm 210 340 425
3 Discharge range opening mm 20 – 60 40 – 100 50 – 100
4 Crushing capacity t/h 5 – 20 15 – 50 40 – 80
5 Electric motor power kW 15 30 55
6 Nominal current A 29 58 98
7 Startup current (softstart used) A 44 87 147
8 Weight (excluding frame and motor) t 2,8 6,5 10,2

Application of a GRUSSMAN jaw crushers.

Grussman jaw crushers are used for crushing a medium and high hardness materials such as: granite, basalt, quartz, glass, limestone, sandstone, etc. They can be applied also for crushing concrete and brick rubble. Reinforced concrete is acceptable for crushing unless the steel rods inside the concrete are supplied into crusher inlet parallel to crushing jaws.

Jaw crushers’ capacity.

Crushers’ capacity is defined in relatively wide range of amount processed material because it results from many factors that occur during crushing process.

The most crucial factors that affect crushers’ capacity:

  • size of applied material into crushing chamber
  • hardness of crushing material
  • adjustment of discharge opening

The crushing process.

The crushing process is based on grinding the material down between crusher’s jaws. One jaw is fixed in the crusher frame and the other jaw is mounted on eccentric shaft that is driven by electric motor.

Material intended for crushing is provided into crushing chamber by feeding hopper or vibrating feeder, while the fracted material is taken out of the crusher by conveyor belt or discharge chute.

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